Monday, November 27, 2006

What I learned!

Traci and I were talking about my data from my interview with a highschool teacher who had been through a censorship case. We talked about the fact that even though she won her case she still has not taught the book again. Did the parent win the censorship case? And is the system that lets teachers choose their own materials infact not letting them do this?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Data Collection Plan

How do we as teachers teach materials that are in dispute? Why are these topics of everyday life censored? And how do we as teachers protect ourselves from these battles? These questions have been changing daily but these are the things I want to investigate. I want to know what is going on in the schools with censorship and why does it happen. I plan to do some interveiws and possibly talk to some students if I could think of some questions that would interest them. I really want to do a case study of a class but with censorship it is hard to find a class dealing with it at that time. I will be talking to a teacher who has dealt with censorship firsthand and hopefully she will be able to give me some insight on what a teacher can do with these issues and how to prevent a case from happening. My collection of this data will be from a one to two time encounter with the teachers being interveiwed. I really have a deep interest in these issues since I will be starting to teach soon. I want to know what to do and how to be a good teacher still and this is what I hope to accomplish with this research.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I thought my question was going to include censorship and violence. After getting into the info I decided to look at just censorship. With research I realised this area is vast and has a wealth of information. I looked at articles from teachers who were involved in censorship, the effects on students and on their teaching. These battles of censorship are tough on teachers. I saw themes running through most of the articles. The first was how censorship has created fear in most teachers, the affects on students is more harmful than reading the banned materials, and most censors never look at the material in full. They pick out one section that is offensive and ban the book entirely.

I guess my question or where I see the gap in this ongoing discussion is why is this ok? Why for so many years have we been banning books on such minor issues when banning the books makes them more widely read? Authors are starting to censor what they write from the start of their novels so they are sure to be published. How as a teacher do we teach well and not offend people? My questions keep going and going. I am not too sure how to focus all of these questions in one way to help fill a gap. With more research I hope to narrow the questions down to one maybe two sentences.